About Us

Photogriffin is media company based in Kent, specialising in Photographic, Film & Video and Projection services.

Photography 1990-2015

Howard Griffin has been a photographer after receiving his first 35mm film camera 25 years ago. Honing his craft while studying Architecture, he uncovered a passion that would continue to this day.  Developing an eye for composition, dynamism and creativity looking at the buildings of London, Paris, Barcelona and the Netherlands, Howard soon moved into other areas of specialism, including landscape, portraiture and classical nude.

Howard's award-winning work has been published and exhibited around the world, with exhbitions in the London, France and Spain, as well as locally in Canterbury. In 2005, Contra el Grano, a collection of works inspired by the high key works of David Bailey and Sam Haskins, was displayed in Barcelona.

In addition to his own practice, Howard also teaches photography and animation at the University of Kent, Canterbury.

Film & Animation 2005-2015

In 2005, Howard studied a Master's Degree in Digital Moving Image, specialising in film and animation.  Adding to skills of 3D modelling and animation already accrued through his time working in architectural eduaction, he was able to merge the displines of photogaphy and animation together to create a number of animated shorts.

Howard's animted works include World on Fire, Lucky and Fading Memories, all of which are inspired by the accompanying sound tracks.

Howard is currently the director of the MA Architectural Visualisation programme at teh University of Kent, a course which engages with 3D modelling, animation and film.

Projection Mapping 2010-2015

Through teaching and engagement with local arts activities, Howard has been involved with a number of projection mapping projects and light show events.

In 2010, Howard supervised a student project called Westgate Animated, which involved a projection onto the Westgate Towers, Canterbury.  The projection involved a series of static and animated 'skins' projected onto the towers, changing the very nature of the architecture.

In 2012, this work was supplimented  by further student projects, including Golden Night, a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Canterbury Christ Church University.  The event, which was watched by over 3000 people, blended a mixture of architectually mapped projection and cinematic, textural projection to create a fusion of golden festivity.

In 2015, Howard projected film footage onto the Dreamland Cinema, Margate to help mark the 80th Anniversary of it's opening in 1935.